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Note: We ship either through UPS or the US postal service.  Shipping costs are based on the 48 contiguous states...additional charges for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and international destinations (e-mail us for details).

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Plastic Jugs
Gallon $48.00
Half-Gallon $26.00
Quart $15.00
Pint $9.00

Feel free to mix and match grades of the same size. Just let us know which grades you'd like by adding comments in the paypal screen.

Try the Dark Robust and Dark Strong for cooking and mixing drinks!
*NEW 2 Gallons $115.00
*NEW 2 Half Gallons $70.00
*NEW 6 Pints $63.00
*NEW 6 Half Pints $45.00
12 Pints $115.00
 • 12 Half-Pints $79.00
 • 3 Quarts $57.00
5 Quarts $90.00
Vermont maple syrup makers - Evans Maple Farm