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Evans Maple Farm

We know Vermont Maple Syrup!

"We have been buying Vermont maple syrup from the Evans family for many years and asking them to ship it to various points around the country. They provide an outstanding product with excellent service. It's great to see 'Vermont's best' bring a smile to our family, friends and business clients every spring when it arrives on their doorsteps."
   – M.R., Dummerston, Vermont

Hi! We are Faith and Roger Evans, Vermont maple syrup makers in the picturesque village of Dummerston, just north of Brattleboro in the southeast corner of Vermont.

We have been maple sugaring as a couple since 1975, continuing the traditions of three generations of the Evans family who have been perfecting Vermont maple syrup in the same location for over a century. Indeed, we tap some of the same trees our ancestors tapped over a century ago!

We are truly a family-run business, from the tapping of the maple trees and gathering of the sap, to the evaporating of the sap and the canning of the maple syrup.

Exercising 100% control over our premium Vermont maple syrup production – we don't use anyone else's sap or maple syrup – guarantees that every single one of our customers will receive a completely organic product of the highest quality.

Our operation comprises approximately 3,000 taps – about half buckets and half pipeline. In a good maple sugaring year, we produce approximately 1,000 gallons of premium quality Vermont maple syrup.

We are proud members of the Vermont Maple Sugarmakers Association.

Vermont maple syrup makers - Evans Maple Farm