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World Famous Vermont Maple Syrup

There's a reason why they call it "World Famous."

"It's been more than 30 years since I started buying the Evans's syrup and keeping it at home all year round. Each time I visit them in Vermont, I need to get extra for my friends, who are always expecting me to bring some back. I know the difference between the Evans' syrup and others'...that's why I love their fine product."
   – Y. Y., Kanazawa, Japan

Our repeat customers hail from Japan, Europe, and 43 states. They know a quality syrup when they taste it, and they look all the way to Dummerston, Vermont, to get their syrup from us at Evans Maple Farm.

We make maple syrup the old-fashioned way, over a wood-fired evaporator, maximizing the maple flavor that has been enjoyed by generations of Evans Maple Farm's customers. Furthermore, we prefer to avoid oil-burning evaporators and reverse-osmosis machines, and instead use wood – a renewable local resource – for fuel.

Our attention to quality is reflected in our continuing to use individual sap buckets to collect half our sap. The less time sap sets in bulk storage awaiting evaporation, the lighter the grade and the more delicate the flavor.

This means that we are able to produce the majority of our syrup as Fancy (light amber). We also produce darker grades for those who enjoy the wonderful tastes created by cooking with maple syrup.

Vermont Maple Syrup Grading System:

Golden with Delicate Taste
Light, golden color with a mild, delicate taste. Excellent as a table syrup or over ice cream or yogurt.

Amber with Rich Taste
A light amber color and full-bodied flavor, this class of syrup is the product of choice for consumers who desire the classic maple syrup flavor.

Dark with Robust Taste
A dark amber color with a more pronounced maple flavor, this class will satisfy those consumers who desire the strong flavors of what has been known as Grade B.

Very Dark with Strong Taste
Nearly black, this syrup has a strong flavor that translates well to cooking, where the maple flavor will carry through to the finished dish.

Vermont maple syrup makers - Evans Maple Farm